The goal of the INVITATION Festival is to showcase the music of forgotten artists associated with Poland from the first half of the twentieth century, in all its diversity and richness. Three insights into the Polish musical life of this period allow us to become aware of the role and importance of Polish heritage in the field of „contemporary” music, in the researching and popularizing of „old music”, and the discerning of Jazz as the „music of the future”.


The name of the project is taken from the Jazz composition by Bronisław Kaper of the same title. Bronisław Kaper, along with Henryk Wars and Victor Young (a Jazz protégé, a graduate of the Warsaw Conservatory of Music, and a legendary composer of standards), all of whom are artists whose works are performed by some of the world’s greatest jazz musicians. However, in popular perception, these Jazz artists are rarely associated with Poland. Instead, they are simply linked with really smart Jazz standards. Meanwhile, this beautiful music is not only a part of Polish culture, but a source of inspiration for future generations: the basis for artistic exploration; and a Polish contribution to the world’s cultural heritage.


There are more examples, such as the fine compositions for violin and piano of little-known Polish composers from the first decades of the 20th century; largely forgotten names such as Godowski, Poldowski, Achron, Mistowski, Adamowski, Niemczyk and Weinberg – lost pearls of chamber music.


Wanda Landowska, who was an outstanding Polish harpsichordist, laid the foundations for research into Old music, coupled with an informed conception of its recital. Her pioneering activities, together with her development of the „historically informed performance” of Renaissance and Baroque music, are rarely linked. What is more, Landowska’s associations with Poland have also been largely forgotten, even though Lewandowska would always emphasise her Polishness, particularly whenever she played the works of 17th-century Polish composers in the US.


It is hoped that our INVITATION Festival, held over the course of three concerts, will allow for an in-depth presentation and promotion of the hidden treasures of Polish culture in what is one the world’s most prestigious concert venues.


During this festival, we shall celebrate the best of Polish culture, with Polish music that is awaiting rediscovery. What a beautiful paradox!


We look forward to Carnegie Hall resounding with the melodies of the very best of Poland’s musical traditions.

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Released: 2016. Track 8, Genre: Jazz.